My name is Vasudevan Mohan and also known as Vasuji
UI/UX Designer/Developer & Passionate Photographer


Yes, I've some interesting names:
Ji, .com, Vas, Dev, Devan
The Other Guy, Captain, Pakki, Guruji



A little about me

Vasudevan Mohan

Once after my graducation in Electrical Engineering, I intended to be an film editor and went to media school with fully motivated, which lead to another and after 2 years went by and I was a fully fledged web designer/developer without ever planning to become one.The good thing was I always interested in Photoshop and Website designs, once I ended up as web designer/developer I realized my fortune is this and I'm happy doing designs/developments.

Currently working as a UI Designer/Developer. I'm passionate about Photography and it's in my blood. My father & Grand Father were photographers and I've got loads of memories in our studio "Sri Ram's Studio". Which drives me to do something in photography, In results I bought my first camera Nikon D3000 in 2011 and practicing photography since then.

Yeah, I pretty much do everything. but I'm really good in the following areas.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • FCP Editor


I'm a Movie Buff
Thalivar and Thala Fan
Love to watch genres like
Action, Romantic, Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi
Horror, Thriller, Mystery



A little about My Works

In 2001, when my father was moving from film to digital photography, he started practicing digital photo editing. I learned photo editing stuffs with him. While learning I practiced with my classmates pictures and made some fun collage/poster out of it, Making Chandramuki avatar for all my class mates was one of the best one.

Thanks to Computer.Intenert.Surfing.Interest which made me to learn stuff like < html >< css >. Since then I became Web Designer.

Work . Play . Music

I always to design stuffs like banners, invitations, pamplets, posters and websites.
The following designs are some of my good works which you might wanna have a look.


I've always love to do
something fascinating
something challenging
something creative
and something colorful

alpenglow Photography

Its all started in 2010, When we (me and Dineshbabu) started making some crazy cinematic posters with our colleagues faces and we shoot with Nikon D3000 and made some interesting photo manipulations, multishot photo & photo edits. !!. In result alpenglow photography born in 2012. And our first shoot was Magesh's Pre-wedding shoot.

So far, we did a some good number of creative couple shoot, wedding shoot, personal portfolio and product shoots as well. Looking forward to explore more areas in photography, Fashion, creative are favorites among them.

These following pictures are some of my favorite clicks from our shoots and from personal trips. Do visit our alpenglow photography website alpenglow.vasuji.com to see our designs as well. To Follow our works in facebook facebook.com/alpenglowphotos , twitter twitter.com/photosalpenglow And do visit Dineshbabu's personal website.

We are doing this as a hobbie, all these shoots are done in a friendly manner.

Meaning of alpenglow

"A rosy or reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains especially snow covered mountains"


this is one of My favorite quote

"When people ask me what
photography equipment I use
I tell them my eyes"
And I belive in my Eyes!!


get in touch with me

Hey there! If you have any photography projects in mind and planning on getting in touch with me.. Feel free to shoot a mail/message me..

Come, Let's team up and do some thing awesome!!!

I don't usually tweet but love to follow, so you can follow me on Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest

E Mail VasujiCom@gmail.com